Village Alhamdulilah

Our Story

Quick Version: Last year 2913 donors (perhaps including yourself!) heard the call all the way from Village Alhamdulillah in Burkina Faso. The humble village was founded in year 1915 when Shaykh Abdulwahab returned to Burkina Faso after studying in Timbuktu, Guinea and Mauritania for 20 years. He returned with 80 of his students and their families. They named the village “Alhamdulillah”, even though their situation was dire.

Village Alhamdulillah used to be the center of knowledge, with many study circles, visitors and even books written entirely by hand. However, after the shaykh and his core students passed away, history took a different turn. In 2014 when the grandson of Shaykh Abdulwahab, Shaykh Khalid Sinon went back to the village, he discovered that majority of the kids did not know how to read and write. The closest school was 90 miles away! But with your help we were able to change that! Together, we built a school that teaches Reading, Writing, Science, Math, Qur’an and Islamic Studies. The school opened in Oct 2017 alhamdulillah! We anticipated 300 kids, but we have accommodated nearly 600 kids, many of them are studying outside in make shift classrooms or in classrooms without roofs. Now we need your help to finish off the project!













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