children-playing-on-grass_1098-504Our services are designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of families in need of assistance.
Jabalu-Nur Foundation, Inc. works closely with other  entities to ensure maximum support to our clients. Our company prefers to utilize direct evaluations in order to implement solution based strategies derived from collaborations within the network of partnerships.
adhd-factsSome of our network partners include,  Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Labor,  Department of Agriculture, Schools (private and public), Religious institutions, Community Based Organizations, Local Government, Department of Parks & Recreation and any individual(s) committed to serving humanity.
At Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc., we are grateful for the great work we have been chosen to do. Most of our staff is comprised of dedicated volunteers. We receive no public funding and raise capital through private donations and/or fundraising.

Please support our our mission to inspire women, children and families to be healthier, happier and uplifted.


(May it be increased for you manifold)

We offer Job Training programs.  Our Job Training programs are designed to equip our participants with exceptional work ethics and cutting edge job skills.
We offer Food Service programs. Our Food Service programs addresses the malnutrition and hunger crisis. We provide Halal, organic, high nutritional meals that are prepared with love and made to be enjoyed by the young and not so young.
We offer Youth Enrichment and Summer Camp programs. Our Youth Enrichment and Summer Camp programs are designed to support educational goals, enhance confidence, develop cognitive skills and boost cultural awareness. Participants leave our program prepared to be positive  contributors to their family, community and society.