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    Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc. Meeting The Needs of The Communities We Serve!
  • Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc
    Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc Enriching & Uplifting Communities In Need
  • Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc.
    Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc. Serving Communities For Over 20 Years
  • Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc.
    Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc. Empowering and Enriching Our Youth

We are happy to provide programs and services that support women, children and families to be healthier, happier and uplifted.

Our Capability

Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc, is capable of meeting the needs of the communities we serve due to, in major part, our linkage and collaboration with various entities dedicated to beneficial services for humanity.  The other part is due to the phenomenal devotion of the personnel and volunteer team that tirelessly engages in doing the work needed to fulfill our mission.  Most of all who have been a major player since the inception of the organizing of Jabalu-Nur Foundation, Inc.

At Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc., we are grateful for the great work we have been chosen to do. Most of our staff is comprised of dedicated volunteers. We receive no public funding and raise capital through private donations and/or fundraising.

Please support our our mission to inspire women, children and families to be healthier, happier and uplifted.


(May it be increased for you manifold)

Our Job Training Program is a vigorous program which upon completion participants are ready and able to hold managerial positions.  In collaboration with the Department of Labor Youth Employment Program, and the Department of Social Service Program  the age of  participants trained  range from fourteen (14)  years old to sixty (60+) plus years.  All participants are trained the same.  To honor work, to be grateful for the  opportunity to serve and to take pride in having exceptional work ethics.

The outcome always results in the individual having marketable skills for easy job placement    All of the young people return year after year, and once they move beyond the youth employment age and branch out to other employment 99.5% of the time within a few months of employment they are offered a upgrade to their position.  Additionally,  our training encourages participants to think and act like an employer,  this process encourages the entrepreneurial spirit.  Jabalu-Nur Foundation, since inception has trained hundreds of youth and adults, and with great enthusiasm this program continues.

Our Food program is very effective in providing high nutritional, Halal, organic meals. Our food programs are developed and implemented through the private donations.

Jabalu-Nur Foundation, Inc. takes special steps to foster resiliency in our youth through a rigorous policy for providing holistic support to our targeted population of pre-teen, teen and young adults.  Our services of support are offered through programs that are developed with basic and fundamental disciplines:  sincerity, caring, nurturing, trusting, understanding, consistency, accountability, and confidentiality.   Jabalu Nur focus on character development, health and well being (spiritually, mentally and physically) and material accomplishments.  The following activities are incorporated into programs to achieve the transition of the youth into caring, content responsible contributors to a quality of life for self and others.