Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit community based organization founded in 1992. Originally, incorporated to serve throughout New York State, and has since began operating in Texas. Our company provide various sources of aid and technical support to families who are challenged financially, socially or otherwise. Our staff is comprised primarily of dedicated volunteers. We receive no public funding, and raise capital through private donations or fundraising.
539_5607ea8c6d1e6The bulk of our services are offered complimentary or for a minimal charge. Our company collaborates with the Department of Health, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Education, Department of Labor, Department of Social Services, Local Government, Religious Institutions, Schools (Private & Public) and other entities that are concerned about and provide service(s) to humanity.
Our mission is to inspire women, children and families to be healthier, happier and uplifted.

At Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc., we are grateful for the great work we have been chosen to do. Most of our staff is comprised of dedicated volunteers. We receive no public funding and raise capital through private donations and/or fundraising.

Please support our our mission to inspire women, children and families to be healthier, happier and uplifted.


(May it be increased for you manifold)

Our goals:

  • Develop, implement and support efficient and compassionate support through fostered partnerships with schools (public & private), religious institutions, local businesses and public officials.
  • Create public awareness and advocate public policies which enhance the quality of life for women, children and their families.
  • Provide training and technical assistance to uplift individuals with marketable skills, exceptional work ethics and value based training.
  • Provide comprehensive support.

Since 1992,  Jabalu-Nur Foundation has  sponsored a Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) throughout Long Island and the boroughs of New York City.  SFSP is a federal program designed to provide complimentary nutritious meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Snack) to children in low–income neighborhoods during the months schools are not in session. Our meals are prepared with Halal meats, fresh produce and the finest ingredients.  Additional services include On-the-Job Training, Youth Enrichment and Development Programs and Summer Camps.  All individuals that meet the eligibility requirements are served without discrimination.  Provisions are made to accommodate the physically challenged, language difference,  hearing and the vision impaired.

Jabalu-Nur Foundation Inc has over 28 years of experience helping to increase stable family life through its Nutritional Food Service Program by providing complimentary meals to assist with eradicating hunger; provide housing referral and technical support to lesson the burden of homelessness; on the job training and job referrals to help lower the unemployment rate;  Recreation and social outlets for families and children to promote joy. We have strategic partnerships with affiliated entities ranging from Federal, State and Local Government, as well as, Private Business and Religious Institutions. These strategic partnerships afford us the ability to design solution based programs that promotes stability through optimism towards setting and achieving realistic goals for self improvement.